From the Maratha Occupation of Delhi to the Arrest of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, These Events Took Place on 3 July

The great twentieth-century writer Franz Kafka was born in Prague on July 3, 1883. Apart from this, many other significant events have happened on this day.

3rd July History: The great twentieth-century writer Franz Kafka was born in Prague on July 3, 1883. His works depict modern society in an unmatched manner, inspiring writers worldwide. His global importance can be gauged from the fact that a word has been coined in his name. The situation of a human being in which he cannot find a way out and is surrounded by difficulties on all sides is called ‘Kafkaesque.’ His works ‘Metamorphosis,’ ‘The Trial,’ and ‘The Castle’ received great appreciation all over the world.

The sequential details of other important events recorded on July 3 in the history of the country and the world are as follows:

  • 1661: Portugal gifted Bombay to British ruler Charles II.
  • 1720: Sweden and Denmark signed a peace agreement.
  • 1760: The Maratha army captured Delhi.
  • 1778: Prussia declared war against Austria.
  • 1876: Montenegro declared war against Turkey.
  • 1883: The great writer Franz Kafka was born in Prague.
  • 1884: Stock exchange Dow Jones released its first stock index.
  • 1908: The British government arrested freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
  • 1941: Indian film talent Adoor Gopalakrishnan was born.
  • 1947: Soviet Union refused to participate in the Marshall Plan.
  • 1951: New Zealand’s great fast bowler Richard Hadlee was born.
  • 1962: American actor Tom Hanks was born.
  • 1971: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was born.
  • 1996: Famous Hindi film actor Rajkumar passed away. He made a special place for himself on the silver screen due to his unique style of dialogue delivery.
  • 2018: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was arrested.
  • 2020: Famous choreographer Saroj Khan passed away.