Painter Receives New Lease on Artistic Life with Bilateral Hand Transplant, Thanks to Brain-Dead Donor and Ganga Ram Doctors

A 45-year-old painter from Delhi, who lost both hands in a train accident, is set to be discharged from Ganga Ram Hospital tomorrow after undergoing a groundbreaking bilateral hand transplant surgery lasting over 12 hours.

NEW DELHI: A painter who lost both hands in a devastating accident is now on the verge of reclaiming his passion for painting, all thanks to a miraculous surgery conducted by doctors at Ganga Ram Hospital. The 45-year-old, who underwent Delhi’s first successful bilateral hand transplant, will bid farewell to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital tomorrow. His life changed dramatically when he suffered the loss of both hands in a tragic train accident back in 2020.

A compassionate gesture from a woman who was declared brain dead paved the way for a new chapter in the painter’s life. Her generous pledge of organ donation granted hope to a man hailing from a financially struggling background, who had lost all prospects of leading a fulfilling life.

The intricate surgery spanned over 12 hours and involved meticulously connecting every blood vessel, muscle, tendon, and nerve between the donor’s hands and the recipient’s arms.

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“Maria Branias Morera Celebrates 117th Birthday as World’s Oldest Living Person in Catalonia, Spain”

Maria Branias Morera, recognized as the world’s oldest living person, has celebrated her 117th birthday.

Born on March 4, 1907, in San Francisco, USA, Maria moved back to Spain with her family at the age of eight, settling in Catalonia.

Since then, she has resided in the same region, spending the last 23 years in a nursing home.

Eva Carreira Boix, the director of Maria’s nursing home, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming interest in Maria’s health and the many congratulations she received.

Maria is delighted to celebrate this special day with her family and colleagues, extending her Monday greetings to all.

Despite some hearing and mobility difficulties, Maria remains free from any significant physical or mental health issues.

In fact, she is in such good condition that she has agreed to undergo scientific testing by researchers hoping to uncover the secrets of longevity.

Scientist Manel Esteller, who has extensively conversed with Maria, revealed to the Spanish outlet ABC: “Her mind is entirely clear. When she was just four years old, she remembers events with impressive clarity, and she has no cardiovascular disease, which is common in elderly individuals.”

“It is clear that there is a genetic component because many members of her family have lived beyond 90 years.”

Samples of Maria’s saliva, blood, and urine have been collected, and comparisons will be made with those of her 80-year-old daughter. Researchers hope that studying Maria’s genes will aid in developing drugs that can combat age-related diseases.

Despite her status as the world’s oldest living person in the digital age, Maria remains active on social media with the help of her daughter, formerly known as Twitter. Her bio reads: “I’m old, very old, but not foolish.”

In addition to “luck and good genetics,” Maria attributes her long life to “organization, peace, good relationships with family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, lack of worry, lack of regrets, plenty of positivity, and staying away from toxic people.”

Due to her reduced hearing ability, Maria’s family uses a voice-to-text device to communicate with her.

After surviving the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Maria has experienced more than a century of life, holding on even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just weeks after turning 113 in 2020, she contracted the virus but fully recovered within days, becoming the oldest confirmed COVID-19 survivor in the world. The title was previously held by Lucile Randon, who was three years older than Maria.

In a recent post on social media, Maria acknowledged that she is “approaching and nearing death,” but she maintains a positive outlook on life, believing that there is always something new to learn every day, even in her advanced age.

She now ranks 12th in verified human longevity and, if she reaches her 118th birthday, she will rise to 5th place. The title of the oldest verified person ever belonged to Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 years and 164 days old.

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NIA Offers Rs. 10 Lakh Reward for Information on Rameshwaram Cafe Bombing Suspect

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has announced a cash reward of Rs. 10 lakh for any information leading to the identification of the perpetrator responsible for the Rameshwaram Cafe blast in Bengaluru. The investigation, conducted under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Explosive Substances Act, is being handled by the Bengaluru Police. The NIA assured that the identity of the informant would remain confidential.

The Ministry of Home Affairs recently transferred the investigation of the Rameshwaram Cafe blast to the NIA. The explosion occurred on March 1 at the cafe during the busy lunch hour, injuring several individuals. The Bengaluru Police had previously filed a case under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Explosive Substances Act regarding the explosion.

According to ongoing police investigations, the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) with a timer, as observed in CCTV footage where a suspect is seen placing a bag inside the cafe. Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara had assured the public of the imminent arrest of the suspect.

Shortly after the cafe blast, two emails were sent to high-ranking officials, including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Home Minister, and the City Commissioner of Police, warning of potential further explosions targeting VVIPs and crowded areas in Karnataka. One of the emails demanded a sum of $2.5 million to prevent similar incidents.

Informant’s identity will be kept confidential,” the investigation agency said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The sender identified themselves as ‘Shahid Khan’ using the email address ‘‘. Law enforcement authorities are currently seeking details from Proton, a Swiss-based software company, to further investigate the origin of the email. The contents of the emails outlined threats of explosions on buses, trains, taxis, temples, hotels, and public areas throughout Karnataka if the demanded amount was not provided.

The investigation into the Rameshwaram Cafe blast and the subsequent threat emails underscores the urgent need for collaboration between law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety and bring those responsible to justice.

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Mukka Proteins IPO Listing Tomorrow: Latest GMP and Subscription Status Hint Ahead of Debut

As the Mukka Proteins IPO gears up for its listing tomorrow, market indicators point towards a strong debut. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) stands at an impressive +35, suggesting a robust demand and an estimated listing price of ₹63 per share, marking a substantial 125% increase from the IPO price.

Scheduled for listing on Thursday, March 7th, the Mukka Proteins IPO has finalized its allotment process, with shares set to be credited to demat accounts today, Wednesday, March 6th. Meanwhile, the refund process for those who didn’t receive shares will also be initiated today.

Throughout its subscription period, the Mukka Proteins IPO witnessed overwhelming responses, with the subscription status reaching a remarkable 136.99 times on the third day, as per BSE data.

The IPO, which opened for subscription on Thursday, February 29th, and closed on Monday, March 4th, offered shares in the price band of ₹26 to ₹28 per equity share of face value Re 1, with a lot size of 535 equity shares.

Reserved not more than 50% of shares for Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs), at least 15% for Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs), and a minimum of 35% for retail investors.

The Mukka Proteins IPO GMP, currently at +35, reflects a premium of ₹35 in the grey market. Considering this and the upper end of the IPO price band, the estimated listing price stands at ₹63 per share, marking a substantial gain.

The IPO, valued at ₹224 crore, comprises a fresh issue of 8,00,00,000 equity shares with a face value of Re 1, without any offer-for-sale component. The net proceeds from the issue are intended for general corporate purposes, investment in their associate Ento Proteins Private Limited, and working capital requirements, as stated in the red herring prospectus (RHP).

Promoter directors Kalandan Mohammed Haris, Kalandan Mohammed Arif, and Kalandan Mohammed Althaf are actively involved in the business.

Cameo Corporate Services Limited serves as the registrar for the IPO, with Fedex Securities Pvt Ltd as the book running lead manager. Mukka Proteins Limited’s listed peers include Avanti Feeds Ltd, Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Zeal Aqua Ltd, and Waterbase Ltd.

The company’s profit after tax (PAT) surged by 84.07%, while revenue jumped by 52.52% between March 31, 2022, and March 31, 2023, as per its RHP.

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Bengaluru Water Crisis: Residents Urged to Use Disposable Cutlery and Wet Wipes Amid Supply Disruption

Amidst the ongoing water crisis in Bengaluru, Prestige Falcon City Apartments and other residential welfare associations (RWAs) have taken measures to conserve water and mitigate the effects of disrupted supply. Following a crackdown on water tankers by regulatory authorities, Prestige Falcon City Apartments has advised its residents to consider using disposable cutlery and wet wipes to minimize water wastage.

Vasanth Kumar, president of the Prestige Falcon City RWA, emphasized the importance of reducing water usage amid the scarcity. “We’re exploring alternatives to cope with the limited water supply. By suggesting the use of disposable items, we aim to conserve water and navigate through this challenging situation,” he stated.

In addition to urging residents to use disposable items, RWAs across the city have implemented measures such as rationing water, banning vehicle washing, and monitoring water usage. A gated community in Whitefield has deployed security personnel to ensure compliance with water conservation guidelines. Residents failing to reduce water consumption may face additional charges, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Despite efforts to address the crisis, the water scarcity remains a pressing concern for residents. MP DK Suresh has provided assurance that steps will be taken to resolve the issue promptly. However, until a sustainable solution is achieved, residents are urged to cooperate with conservation efforts to alleviate the strain on water resources.

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PM Modi Meets Women Alleging Sexual Assault by Sheikh Shahjahan in Sandeshkhali

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today met with women from Sandeshkhali who have accused Sheikh Shahjahan, a suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader, of sexual assault. This meeting occurred following a public rally at Barasat in the North 24 Parganas district, where Sandeshkhali is located. Sources indicate that the women expressed their ordeal to PM Modi, who listened to them with empathy.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with female victims from Sandeshkhali. They shared their experiences, and PM patiently listened to them, offering support akin to a father figure. The victims were deeply emotional, finding solace in PM Modi’s understanding,” stated BJP sources.

Sandeshkhali has been embroiled in unrest since multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Sheikh Shahjahan and his associates.

Earlier today, PM Modi criticized the TMC government for allegedly shielding the accused in the Sandeshkhali case, describing it as a “matter of shame.” Addressing a women’s rally in Barasat, PM Modi reiterated BJP’s commitment to women’s empowerment and safety.

“Under TMC’s governance, the women of this region have suffered. The incidents in Sandeshkhali are deeply shameful, yet the TMC government seems indifferent to your plight. TMC prioritizes safeguarding perpetrators over addressing the concerns of the victims. Both the High Court and the Supreme Court have condemned their actions. TMC leaders have inflicted atrocities upon women from marginalized communities. The TMC government trusts its leaders more than it trusts the women of Bengal,” remarked the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Shahjahan was apprehended by the West Bengal Police on February 29 after evading authorities for over 50 days. Following his arrest, the TMC suspended Shahjahan from the party for six years.

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Meta, Zuckerberg’s Company, Loses $3 Billion in Value After Instagram, Facebook Global Outage; Share Price Declines

Following a widespread global outage that impacted Meta’s social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, on March 5th, 2024, the company suffered an estimated loss of $3 billion. According to a report by India Today, the outage affected billions of users worldwide.

On that day, the stocks of Meta experienced a significant decline, closing down 1.6% at $490.22, as reported by NASDAQ.

Despite this setback, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Meta, saw his net worth decrease by over USD 2.79 billion in a single day, amounting to USD 176 billion, as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Nevertheless, he retained his position as the fourth-richest person globally.

Reuters reported that Meta’s status dashboard indicated issues with the application programming interface for WhatsApp Business. Additionally, Downdetector recorded approximately 200 outage reports for WhatsApp, suggesting widespread service disruption.

During the outage, Elon Musk took a dig at Meta, humorously remarking, “If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working,” on X, formerly known as Twitter. The outage affected not only Facebook and Instagram but also Threads and Messenger platforms, causing login difficulties for users worldwide.

In February 2024, Zuckerberg’s net worth surged by USD 27.1 billion following Meta’s impressive quarterly results, which surpassed Wall Street’s expectations. This increase elevated his net worth to USD 169.5 billion, surpassing Bill Gates and securing his position as the fourth-richest individual on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Meta also announced a quarterly cash dividend of 50 cents per share for Class A and B common stock, commencing in March. With Zuckerberg holding approximately 350 million shares, he stands to receive about $175 million in each quarterly payment before taxes, according to Bloomberg’s data.

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JM Financial Shares Plummet by 19% After RBI Action, Market Cap Drops by Rs. 1,484 Crore

JM Financial Share Price Today: On the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the company’s share dropped by 19.29% to Rs. 77.10, while on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), it was trading at Rs. 77.55, down by 18.75%.

New Delhi: Following the regulatory actions by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), JM Financial witnessed a decline of more than 19% in its shares on Wednesday. Consequently, its market capitalization dropped by up to Rs. 1,484 crore. The RBI had imposed several restrictions on the company JM Financial Products Limited on Tuesday, after various irregularities were uncovered.

On the BSE, the company’s share fell by 19.29% to Rs. 77.10, while on the NSE, it was trading at Rs. 77.55, marking a decline of 18.75%. Amidst this downturn, the company’s market capitalization reduced to Rs. 7,643.63 crore from Rs. 8,128.16 crore.

The Reserve Bank initiated actions against the company, repeatedly intervening to assist a group of its customers in bidding for various IPOs using borrowed funds.

The central bank has prohibited the non-banking financial company from providing any financial support in the form of shares and debentures, including approval and distribution of loans, along with the initial public offering (IPO) of shares and the approval and distribution of bonds. These restrictions have come into immediate effect.

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Janhvi Kapoor’s Spiritual Birthday Journey in Tirupati with Boyfriend Shikhar Paharia; Orry’s Traditional Look Steals the Spotlight

Janhvi Kapoor celebrated her birthday amidst divine blessings at Tirumala Tirupati, accompanied by her boyfriend Shikhar Paharia, close friend Orhan Awatramani, and cousin Maheshwari. Their respectful visit to the temple garnered attention, with fans eager to catch a glimpse of the actress. Additionally, Janhvi announced her inclusion in Ram Charan’s upcoming movie.

Continuing her tradition, Janhvi Kapoor chose Tirumala Tirupati for her birthday celebrations this year, seeking spiritual solace. Alongside her boyfriend Shikhar Paharia, close friend Orhan Awatramani, and cousin Maheshwari, she embarked on this journey of reverence. Moments from their visit resonated widely across social media platforms.

Dressed in a beautiful red saree and adorned with traditional jewelry, Janhvi visited the temple to seek divine blessings. Accompanied by Shikhar and Orry, who sported traditional attire, they all paid their respects with bowed heads. Their presence sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly sought selfies with the celebrities.

Earlier, Orry had wished Janhvi a happy birthday with a heartfelt video, showcasing their bond. In response, Janhvi expressed her affection with a sweet message, indicating their close friendship.

Adding to her birthday joys, Janhvi Kapoor announced her participation in Ram Charan’s 16th movie, a moment celebrated by fans and the film fraternity alike. The movie, tentatively titled RC 16 and directed by Buchi Babu Sana, promises to be an exciting addition to her repertoire.

On the professional front, Janhvi’s latest appearance was in ‘Bawaal’ alongside Varun Dhawan. They are set to reunite for ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari,’ produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and helmed by filmmaker Shashank Khaitan. Scheduled for release on April 25, 2025, this collaboration marks a significant reunion between Dhawan and Khaitan, known for their successful past ventures.


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“Despite Farmer Protests at Delhi Borders, No Action Expected Today; Situation to Clear Up in 2-3 Days”

Despite ongoing farmer protests, Delhi police have stepped up surveillance and tightened security measures at all borders of Delhi. Section 144 has been imposed in several areas of Delhi, and no permission has been granted for any demonstrations.

New Delhi: Today marks the 23rd day of the farmer agitation. Once again, farmers are gearing up for the Delhi march. However, what’s noteworthy is that farmers from Haryana and Punjab are not participating in today’s protest. Instead, farmers from various parts of the country have begun marching towards Delhi. However, those coming from afar will not reach Delhi today; it will take them 2-3 days to arrive. Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher explained that it was previously announced that farmers from other states would join the protest march on March 6, but those coming from long distances will not reach Delhi today. He stated that farmers coming by road or train from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, or South India would take about 2-3 days to reach Delhi, hence the situation will clear up by March 10.

Haryana-Punjab Farmers Not Marching to Delhi –
Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher clarified that farmers from neighboring states have already decided not to move forward. It’s clear that the farmers stationed at the Shambhu border in Punjab are not heading towards Delhi. Farmers from various states across the country have already set out for Delhi, and they will also take some time to arrive. Meanwhile, in view of the farmer protests, the police are on high alert. Police have increased surveillance at all Delhi borders and tightened security measures. Section 144 has been imposed in several areas of Delhi. No one has been granted permission to hold demonstrations.

Strict Security at Bus Terminals –
Railway Stations Farmers had announced that they would once again reach Delhi on Wednesday to protest. Farmer organizations – Kisan Mazdoor Morcha and United Farmers Front (non-political) had called on farmers from across the country to reach Delhi on Wednesday. Police and paramilitary forces have been deployed at Singhu and Tikri borders. Additional police and paramilitary forces have already been deployed at railway and metro stations and bus terminals, as stated by a senior police officer. No one will be allowed to violate the law.

‘Rail Roko Andolan’ by Farmers on March 10
It’s worth mentioning that farmers have also called for a nationwide ‘Rail Roko Andolan’ (rail blockade protest) for 4 hours on March 10 in support of their various demands, including legal guarantee for minimum support price (MSP) for crops. It should be noted that farmers began their protest march on February 13, but their attempt to march to Delhi was thwarted by the police. This led to clashes at the Haryana-Punjab border, and tear gas shells were also fired. Farmer leaders Sarwan Singh Pandher and Jagjit Singh Dallewal have stated that the sacrifices of farmers will not go in vain. The struggle will continue until demands are met.

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