Tragic Death in Kerala: Woman and Newborn Lose Lives Due to YouTube-Induced Home Birth

A heartbreaking incident in Kerala’s Nemom area has left a 36-year-old woman and her newborn dead after a home birth attempt orchestrated by her husband, who allegedly relied on YouTube videos for guidance instead of seeking modern institutional care.

The woman, Shemeera Beevi, who had undergone three caesarean deliveries previously, experienced labour pains on Tuesday afternoon. As her condition worsened with profuse bleeding, her husband, Nayas, reportedly refused to seek professional help and instead relied on his first wife and YouTube tutorials to assist with the birth.

Tragically, despite efforts, Shemeera slipped into a coma, prompting Nayas to finally call for an ambulance. However, it was too late, as both mother and child were pronounced dead upon arrival at a private hospital.

Nayas has since been arrested on charges of murder and under IPC section 315, with investigations ongoing to ascertain the involvement of others, including his first wife and family members.

Deepika, a municipal corporation councillor, revealed that Nayas adamantly opposed modern treatment for his wife, opting for home birth against medical advice. Despite warnings from health workers and Shemeera’s desire for hospital care, Nayas’ dominance and threats coerced her into compliance.

Health Minister Veena George condemned the incident as a grave crime, emphasizing the necessity of institutional healthcare. Despite earlier recommendations for hospital care, the couple pursued alternative treatments, ultimately resulting in the tragic loss of lives.