The Legend of ‘Super Natwarlal’: From Car Thief to Judge, Freed 2000 Criminals

Dhani Ram Mittal, better known as ‘Super Natwarlal’ and ‘Indian Charles Sobhraj’ in police circles, has carved a notorious legacy as one of India’s most brilliant yet enigmatic criminals. Despite holding qualifications as a law graduate, handwriting specialist, and graphologist, Mittal opted for a life of crime, earning infamy through his audacious exploits.

Over nearly six decades, Mittal’s criminal career flourished, marked by over 1000 car thefts conducted with finesse across Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and neighboring regions.

Yet, Mittal’s most audacious feat was orchestrating the temporary holiday of an additional session Judge, a scheme reminiscent of a Hollywood plot. Utilizing forged documents, Mittal secured a two-month hiatus for the Judge of the Jhajjar court. Seizing the opportunity, Mittal assumed the Judge’s position, wielding his newfound authority to release over 2000 criminals.

However, Mittal’s reign as a self-appointed judge was short-lived, as the freed criminals were swiftly apprehended and returned to incarceration.