TV Anchor Falls for Woman’s Charms, Insists on Marriage; Woman Resorts to Kidnapping, Places Tracker in Car”

A bizarre incident has emerged in Hyderabad where a woman, after seeing a video jockey (Hyderabad Kidnapping Case) on a matrimonial site, started chatting with him and became infatuated with him. She was so smitten by him that she decided to orchestrate his kidnapping. The woman wanted to marry him, but the man was not even willing to talk to her. Subsequently, the woman plotted to kidnap him. Despite her successful execution of the plan, she failed to marry him. It is worth mentioning that the accused woman, aged 31, runs a business related to digital marketing. On the other hand, the man is an anchor in a music channel.

Infatuation leading to extreme actions – The entire incident is linked to a matrimonial site where a person had uploaded a video jockey’s photo as their profile picture. After seeing this profile, the woman initiated a chat with the man. When she realized that the person in the photo was not the same as the one she was communicating with, she instantly contacted the man visible in the photo through an instant messaging app. According to the police, the video jockey stated that someone had fraudulently used his pictures for their account, and the profile did not belong to him. Subsequently, he filed a complaint with the police. However, even after learning this, the woman continued to message him, prompting the man to block her number. The woman’s infatuation with the video jockey escalated to the extent that she resolved to marry him.

Kidnapping the TV anchor by placing a tracker in the car- The police revealed that the woman believed she could resolve the matter. Therefore, she planned to kidnap the video jockey and hired four individuals for the job. Not only that, but the woman also installed an air tag in her car to receive real-time updates of the man’s location. Eventually, the woman succeeded in kidnapping the man.

Woman and kidnappers arrested – The kidnappers assaulted him and then took the woman to her office. When the man agreed to answer her call, the woman allowed him to leave on the condition that he would respond to her calls. As soon as the man escaped from her clutches, he immediately went to the police and narrated his ordeal. Upon the video jockey’s complaint, the police registered a case against the woman and four other kidnappers and arrested them all.