Google Doodle Pays Tribute to India’s First Female Wrestler Hamida Banu: ‘Trailblazer of Her Time’

Hamida Banu

Google Doodle commemorates India’s first female wrestler Hamida Banu who defeated famed wrestler Baba Pahalwan on this day in 1954. Learn more about her early life and career here.

Google released a doodle on Saturday, May 4, commemorating Indian wrestler Hamida Banu, who is widely considered to be India’s first professional woman wrestler. The description with the Google Doodle states, “Hamida Banu was a trailblazer of her time, and her fearlessness is remembered throughout India and across the world. Outside of her sporting accomplishments, she will always be celebrated for staying true to herself.”

Hamida Banu’s legacy extends beyond her remarkable achievements in wrestling. Not only did she break barriers in a male-dominated sport, but she also inspired countless women to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Her victory over famed wrestler Baba Pahalwan in 1954 remains a defining moment in Indian sports history, marking a significant milestone for women athletes across the country.