Shocking Math Teacher Job Advertisement Stuns Social Media, Shared by Harsh Goenka

Renowned businessman Harsh Goenka has stirred up social media with a post shared on his Twitter handle, featuring a unique job advertisement for a math teacher that will leave you amazed.

The advertisement, posted by a school, presents a challenge unlike any other, prompting viewers to solve a question for the answer, which will be a phone number to contact for the job. Goenka captioned the post with, “See the ad.” The school job ad, shared by Harsh Goenka, has garnered attention for its innovative approach to hiring a math teacher.

Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, is known for sharing motivational and inspirational content on social media. Whether it’s sharing positive quotes, commenting on current updates, or challenging people to find answers quickly, his posts always manage to grab attention. This recent post, in particular, has captivated the audience’s interest.

The advertisement challenges potential applicants to solve an equation to reveal a phone number, indicating a creative and unconventional approach to recruitment. The job ad is for a school located in Navsari, Gujarat.

This post has already been viewed by 2 million people, with 21.5K likes and over 2,293 retweets. Users are responding with various reactions, with one user appreciating the time-saving aspect of the challenge, while another proudly claims to have solved it manually without any aids.