From Singer to Bank Robber: Robbery to Boost YouTube Channel Subscribers, Shocking Story

Jaipur Crime: When the manager of a bank confronted masked boys early in the morning, they brandished pistols and began to threaten the manager and bank staff.

THE SUNDAY HEADLINES – This person is a singer. Not only does he enjoy singing, but he also sings. He makes videos of his songs. Then he uploads them to his channel on YouTube. But that’s not the end of the story. Watch in the video as this singer is beaten up. Why is he being beaten up? Let’s now tell the whole story of the singer’s beating in a series. His name is Bharat Lal Meena. Anyone who has heard of him on YouTube has kept hearing about him. Bharat Lal Meena had also started his YouTube channel under the name ‘Nyaro Rajasthan Official’. When Bharat Lal Meena saw this form of his, his fans were amazed, as if the ground slipped from under their feet. But why only fans? His family members also had no idea about the dark reality hidden behind his beautiful life. Bharat is actually a notorious dacoit or rather, let’s say, a bank robber.

Singer Turned Bank Robber Every February-  He is a bank robber who targets a new bank every year, loots it, and then sets out to fulfill his dreams in the virtual world of social media. With the money from bank robberies, he has sung many songs, released several, and kept many ready in the pipeline. But before he could truly become a big star, one day his reality came to light. The story of this bank robber from Rajasthan is so magical in itself that even the police are astonished. Friday, January 23rd. It was 10:40 in the morning. It was just the beginning of the day at the Punjab National Bank branch in Jhotwara area of Jaipur. The bank had just opened, and the manager along with three employees had just arrived at the bank, but before the rest of the employees could also arrive at the bank, two masked robbers entered the bank.

Robbery to Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers When the bank manager confronted the masked boys early in the morning, they brandished pistols and began to threaten the manager and bank employees. They now wanted to take the manager to the strong room and commit robbery, but in the midst of this, there was a twist in the story that was beyond the robbers’ imagination. Just as the two robbers were about to engage in the robbery, the cashier Narendra Singh Shekhawat arrived at the scene and caught both robbers alone. Now both of them were scared for their lives. A crowd gathered outside the bank. Seeing this, one of the robbers fired at Shekhawat and three bullets hit him in the stomach, back, and chest, but surprisingly, despite being hit by three bullets, his morale did not weaken, and he continued to hold onto both of them.

Both Robbers Caught Alone Although one robber managed to escape due to the loose grip, the other could not. Then the story entered the public domain, and then the same happened with the caught robber as is common. Soon it was revealed that the apprehended robber was Bharat Singh Meena, while the robber who had managed to escape was his cousin brother Manoj Meena. But after this, when the truth of these robbers came out, even the police were astonished. These robbers only looted the treasure. Yes, treasure means the bank, and that too only once a year. Let’s talk about the unique modus operandi of these brothers, but first, let’s hear the real story of a singer becoming a robber. Bharat Lal Meena is not only a robber but also a good singer, and he has also received music education from Jaipur.

Bharat Lal Meena, known for his YouTube channel “Rajasthan Official,” started his channel two years ago in 2022. Despite his efforts, the channel struggled to grow, having only 1700 subscribers. Frustrated with the slow progress, Bharat began contemplating ways to earn money more easily.

Eventually, he hatched a plan to rob banks, targeting one bank each year. His first robbery took place on February 8, 2022, in a bank in Vidhayakpuri Thana, where he and his accomplices looted ₹15,30,000. They continued their spree, robbing another bank on March 6, 2023, on Ajmer Road, netting ₹10,73,000. Their final attempt, however, ended in chaos at a PN Bank branch in Jhotwara, where Bharat was apprehended after a scuffle with the cashier.

During the robberies, Bharat and his gang displayed meticulous planning, with detailed notes found outlining their strategies. Their operations included changing vehicles and appearances frequently to evade capture. Despite facing resistance, Bharat managed to escape, although he and his accomplice Manoj Meena were later caught.