Shraddha Kapoor Celebrates 37th Birthday with Dedicated Fans from Across India

Shraddha Kapoor’s recent birthday celebration showcased her enduring bond with her fans, demonstrating why she remains a favorite among them.

On March 3, as Shraddha Kapoor marked another year, she chose to spend her special day with her most loyal fans who had traveled from various parts of India to meet her. The actress organized a unique birthday gathering, inviting her dedicated supporters to join her. According to reports from her fan clubs on social media, Shraddha even went the extra mile, booking flight tickets for the administrators who manage her fan pages.

Numerous fan pages shared images from the event, revealing the heartfelt moments shared between Shraddha and her admirers. Her team meticulously arranged every detail, from flight tickets and lunch to return gifts and accommodation. She ensured that each admin could bring along a family member, particularly if they were female. During the five-hour gathering, Shraddha engaged with her fans, seeking their advice, and engaging in lively chats. She even sought feedback on her roles and gifted each attendee a heart-shaped necklace.

In a heartwarming exchange, the paparazzi, who often capture Shraddha’s moments, surprised her with a chocolate cake and her favorite snacks like Vada Pav and Jalebi. Grateful for their gesture, Shraddha graciously thanked the photographers for their thoughtfulness.

Despite her busy schedule, Shraddha made sure to prioritize her fans and the paparazzi. Despite attending pre-wedding festivities in Jamnagar, Gujarat, for Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, she returned to Mumbai early to celebrate her birthday with those who support her unconditionally.