Film producers will get subsidy in Gujarat

imppa team

Within a few years, a rapprochement has been established between the film industry and the government. And there should be. Where on one hand Maharashtra is considered as the center of filmmaking, it gets maximum revenue, now no state will remain untouched. Such is the thinking of the present government. Seeing this, the dream of making a film city in Uttar Pradesh is in front of everyone, on which work is also being done in full swing.
The digital revolution has given a big boost to this industry. In such a situation, even though it is late, there has been competition in all the states.

“Film producers will get subsidy in Gujarat”

The film policy has been announced mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, and Gujarat. Since Abhay Sinha has taken over as the chair of IMPPA, he has continuously worked in the producers’ interest. A delegation led by Mr. Abhay Sinha, President of, the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association held a meeting with the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Bhupendra Patel. In the meeting, he said that according to the current film policy in Gujarat, no producer has received a subsidy even after completing all the formalities. So far the necessary screening for classification and distribution has not been done by the concerned committee.

Mr. Sinha said that IMPPA is very proud to announce that on 6th February 2023 Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel ji very patiently listened to all the members and immediately directed the concerned officers to wait for the subsidy for screening committee Screening of remaining 120 Gujarati films should be ensured. Mr. Sinha said that we are always at the forefront of fighting for your rights and assure our members that IMPPA is available in case of any problem or any need.
Film producers will get subsidy in Gujarat