Rampur Court Declares Jaya Prada ‘Absconder’, Orders Arrest Before March 6

Rampur Court Declares Jaya Prada 'Absconder', Orders Arrest Before March 6

Former MP and acclaimed actor, Jaya Prada, has been declared an ‘absconder’ by a Rampur court in Uttar Pradesh, following charges of violating election codes during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The court has instructed the police to arrest her and present her before it by March 6.

Jaya Prada, a prominent figure in both the film industry and politics, faced accusations of election code violations related to her candidacy as a BJP representative from Rampur in 2019. Despite being summoned multiple times by the special MP-MLA court, she failed to appear. Additionally, seven non-bailable warrants issued against her yielded no results, leading to the court’s declaration of her as an absconder.

The charges stem from alleged breaches of the Model Code of Conduct during the 2019 elections, with cases registered against her at Kemari and Swar police stations. Jaya Prada, who had previously served as an MP from Rampur under the Samajwadi Party banner, faced defeat in the 2019 elections against Azam Khan.

Efforts to locate and arrest Jaya Prada have been unsuccessful, with her known mobile numbers switched off. Consequently, Judge Shobhit Bansal issued the directive for her arrest and appearance in court.

The Rampur Superintendent of Police has been tasked with assembling a team to apprehend her before the scheduled hearing on March 6.

Despite her legal troubles, Jaya Prada remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry, having appeared in numerous films across various languages. Her entry into politics, initially with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and later the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), reflects her multifaceted career trajectory.