Doctor Performs Vasectomy Instead of Gallbladder Surgery, Patient’s Future Plans Ruined in an Instant

A man arrived at the hospital to undergo surgery for his gallbladder, but due to the negligence of doctors, instead of performing the gallbladder surgery, they sterilized the man.

The incident occurred in Argentina, where 41-year-old Jorge Besto had gone to the Florencio Diaz Provincial Hospital in Cordoba for his gallbladder surgery. His operation was scheduled for February 28th. However, due to some reasons, his surgery was postponed until Wednesday, and here began the series of unfortunate events.

Gallbladder surgery turned into a vasectomy;
On the day of the surgery, hospital staff came to fetch Jorge from his room. Without asking him anything and without checking his chart, they took him to the operating room. The doctors also failed to verify his health chart, and quickly proceeded with Jorge’s operation.
Unbeknownst to the doctors, Jorge’s operation had been rescheduled for the next day, which was intended for another patient to undergo a vasectomy. Unfortunately, the doctors mistook Jorge for that patient and performed a vasectomy on him instead of the gallbladder surgery he needed.

Patient’s feet slipped under the ground after surgery;
Upon waking up after the operation, Jorge was unaware that he had been sterilized. It wasn’t until a doctor came to examine him that the truth came out. Seeing Jorge’s chart, the doctor informed him that instead of his gallbladder surgery, he had been sterilized by mistake. Upon hearing this, Jorge felt as if the ground had slipped from under his feet. Since Jorge had not yet undergone the gallbladder surgery, he was immediately taken back to the operating room for the correct procedure.

Doctors gave such a response to the patient;
After the second surgery, Jorge Besto wanted to know how his sterilization happened and whether it could be corrected or not. But no one gave him a clear answer. Doctors kept blaming each other. When the dispute between the doctors ended, they told Jorge Besto that if he wished, he could still become a father through artificial insemination. Sterilization could not be corrected now.

Patient expressed his pain after sterilization –
After this incident, Jorge said that no one here is taking responsibility. Doctors are saying that you can still become a father through artificial insemination. Gallbladder surgery was written in my health chart, they just had to read it. They didn’t even have to work hard for it. Still, in their negligence, they sterilized me.