Painter Receives New Lease on Artistic Life with Bilateral Hand Transplant, Thanks to Brain-Dead Donor and Ganga Ram Doctors

A 45-year-old painter from Delhi, who lost both hands in a train accident, is set to be discharged from Ganga Ram Hospital tomorrow after undergoing a groundbreaking bilateral hand transplant surgery lasting over 12 hours.

NEW DELHI: A painter who lost both hands in a devastating accident is now on the verge of reclaiming his passion for painting, all thanks to a miraculous surgery conducted by doctors at Ganga Ram Hospital. The 45-year-old, who underwent Delhi’s first successful bilateral hand transplant, will bid farewell to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital tomorrow. His life changed dramatically when he suffered the loss of both hands in a tragic train accident back in 2020.

A compassionate gesture from a woman who was declared brain dead paved the way for a new chapter in the painter’s life. Her generous pledge of organ donation granted hope to a man hailing from a financially struggling background, who had lost all prospects of leading a fulfilling life.

The intricate surgery spanned over 12 hours and involved meticulously connecting every blood vessel, muscle, tendon, and nerve between the donor’s hands and the recipient’s arms.