Alleged Assassination of RSS Leader, Most Wanted Mohammad Gaus Apprehended in South Africa by NIA

Mohammad Gaus Arrested: Mohammad Gaus, the alleged perpetrator of the assassination of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Rudresh in 2016, has been apprehended in South Africa and deported to India, where he is being brought to Mumbai.

Most Wanted Mohammad Gaus Niyazi:
Central investigative agencies have achieved a significant breakthrough on foreign soil. The suspect accused of the murder of RSS leader Rudresh and a terrorist associated with the Popular Front of India (PFI), Mohammad Gaus Niyazi, has been captured by the agencies. This terrorist was apprehended in South Africa.

NIA had announced a reward of 5 million rupees on Mohammad Gaus, who was a prominent face of the Popular Front of India in India. Additionally, he was also accused of the murder of RSS leader Rudresh in Bengaluru in 2016. After the assassination, he had gone into hiding and had been staying in different countries.

Gujarat ATS Tracked Location:
Initially, Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) tracked his location, and this information was passed on to the central agencies. Subsequently, he was captured in South Africa and deported to India. Currently, he is being taken to Mumbai.

NIA Investigating RSS Leader’s Assassination:
The investigation into the assassination of RSS leader Rudresh is being conducted by the NIA. Rudresh was brutally murdered during broad daylight. After participating in the organization’s program and returning home, he was attacked by assailants in Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru. He succumbed to his injuries during this attack.

In this case, the police had arrested four individuals within a few weeks, most of whom were around the age of thirty. The main suspect, 40-year-old Ajim Sharif, was apprehended by the police in November 2016.

What did the NIA say?
After investigating the case, the NIA stated, “The murder was perpetrated with the intention of instilling terror among certain groups of people, and it was clearly a terrorist act, carried out on October 16 by using a lethal weapon to brutally murder the uniformed RSS member in broad daylight.”