₹26 Lakh Gold Concealed in Luggage Trolley, Seized from Passenger Returning from Colombo

Delhi: A person involved in gold smuggling at the airport has been arrested. This passenger had returned from Colombo. The passenger was caught during inspection at Terminal 3. He had concealed gold worth more than ₹26 lakh in the wheels of his luggage trolley bag.

According to Navin Nishchal, New Delhi: A person has been caught at Delhi Airport for smuggling gold. The Customs team at the IGI Airport seized gold biscuits worth more than ₹26 lakh from a passenger. These gold biscuits were being smuggled. A passenger has also been caught by the Customs team in this case. Joint Commissioner of Customs N Varun Kandinya informed about the incident. N Varun said that the caught passenger is Nirnjan.

Came from Colombo According to customs officials, this passenger arrived in Delhi from Colombo by flight. After that, he reached Terminal 3 of the airport. After that, when he placed his luggage on the trolley and came out, it was checked. During the inspection, yellow-colored metal biscuits were recovered from inside the wheels of the trolley. Later, when it was checked, it turned out to be gold biscuits. Its weight was found to be 490 grams. This gold biscuit was concealed by wrapping it in black-colored tape. After this, it was kept inside the cavity made in the trolley bag.

Gold worth ₹26 Lakh The seized gold bar was valued at ₹26,26,993. The Customs team has confiscated the gold biscuit under Section 110 and is taking action against the accused. This is not the first case where a case of gold smuggling at the airport has come to light. Cases of smuggling gold by concealing it at the airport often come to light. In such cases, they are often caught in the investigation of customs officials.