Indogma Film Festival 2023 Honours Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Samrat Chaudhary

Indogma Film Festival 2023 Honors Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Samrat Chaudhary

In a momentous event held at Bihar Niwas, Delhi, the Indogma Film Festival 2023 had the esteemed privilege of honouring Shri Samrat Chaudhary, the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Bihar BJP President. The ceremony was marked by a spirit of celebration and camaraderie as Shri Chaudhary was felicitated with the prestigious Indogma Film Festival 2023 Trophy.
Presenting a bouquet to Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Samrat Choudhary

The occasion was graced by the presence of Chandan Mehta, the Director of Indogma Film Festival, Rakesh Roshan Roy along with other distinguished guests and members of the film fraternity. Shri Chaudhary, in his address, extended heartfelt congratulations to the winners, film submitters, and the entire Indogma team for their remarkable contributions to the festival.

The event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the profound impact of cinema, fostering an environment of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. Shri Chaudhary’s presence added a touch of prestige and honour to the proceedings, further enhancing the significance of the festival.

As the curtains drew to a close on this memorable occasion, the Indogma Film Festival team expressed their gratitude to Shri Samrat Chaudhary for his gracious presence and unwavering support. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and unity in advancing the art of filmmaking and cultural exchange.

With hopes for continued success and prosperity, the Indogma Film Festival looks forward to shaping the future of cinema and inspiring generations to come.