Dr. Babita Garg released her first poetry collection in Faridabad

Babita garg

Faridabad has been in news due to cultural and literary work quiet frequently in the last few years. An event making the city proud once again was held on 29th February, 2020. A poet from the city Dr. Babita Garg, released her first album “Mann Ki Almari” in a press conference at Magpie resort. “Mann Ki Almari” is collection of free verses poetry written by Dr Babita Garg. She has already become well known name the field of poetry not only in Faridabad but in NCR. The book release was organised jointly by Radio NGF 90.4 and Aagan Foundation.

Dr. Mukesh Gambhir, Director Radio NGF, Palwal and accomplished writer himself chaired the program. While chairing the program, he praised the author for her capability of writing on various topics and in various arts. He openly praised Poet Babita for her on stage capabilities as a poet as well as stage coordinator. He said that he discovered her capabilities about six years back and gave her first chance at Radio Manav Rachna to recite her poetry (at that time he was Director there). And just in six years, she has attained next level with release of her first book. Dr Mukesh Gambhir (who himself is Haryana’s most awarded Shayar of Urdu) also told about hugely popular running program at Radio NGF 90.4 aptly named “Kavyashaala – Kavitaon Ke Vividh Rang, Sadhe Kaviyon Ke Sang”; this weekly program of poetry is running since January, 2019 where every week 3-4 poets participate and the program is having audience of 10000-12000 every time it is aired; and the program is anchored by Dr Babita Garg ‘Sahar’. He invited all the poets present over there to coordinate with Babita Ji to participate in the program.

“Mann Ki Almari


On this occasion, Shri Mahesh Garg ‘Bedhadak’ (the accomplished master of satirical poetry and honored with ‘Kaka Haathrasi Samman’ in 2019 was Chief Guest) was present as Chief Guest. He is working as engineer at very high position in Indian Railways. Referring various poems from the free verses collection “Mann Ki Almari”, he particularly praised the free verses poems ‘Anokha Mazdoor’, ‘Prem Anubhuti’ ‘Hahakaar’, etc. He predicted that on the basis of his experience of 30 years on stage as poet, he can see very bright future for Babita Ji and congratulated here in advance for very bright future even as a stage poet to her.

Chandan mehta, Dinesh sehgal and Dr. Ajay garg

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Babita talked about difficulties she faced during writing of her first book. She also told about rejection of her collection by the seniors and then relying on her first poetry written in 10th class, she focused on free verses poetry for her first book. In addition to Dr Mukesh Gambhir and Sh Mahesh Bedhadak, She also thanked Sh. Jai Kant Mishra for being publisher; Sh. Chandrmani Brahmdutt for release of book at world Book Fair and Sh Pawan Jain for giving her initial chances at stage. She also thanked her regular readers and audience during her on stage performances for praise and affection given by them. She told that her journey as author has just begun and her second book is due for release towards end of this year 2020. She made a special mention of contributions his life partner Dr. Ajay Garg a corporate lawyer and her daughter Khushi for making her achieve her dream.

On this occasion, Dr. Mukta, Former Director, Haryana Sahitya Academy; Dr Parul Khanna, Vice Principal, IMT; Ddr Juhi Kohli, Professor of DAV Institute of Management; Sh Nawab Kesar, Director, Mother’s Pride School; Sachdeva JI, former Director of NHPC; Sh Chandan Mehta, Film Director; Sh Dinesh Sehgal, Actor; Sh Bharat Taneja, Translator of International fame; Sh Surender Dahiya,  Chairman of Daksh Foundation; Smt Durga Sinha, Acclaimed Author were prominently present.

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“Mann Ki Almari” on 29 feb 2020