Traffic Police Crack Down on Illegal Parking in Faridabad, 409 Challans Issued

illigal parking in faridabad

Faridabad, February 19

In a bid to tackle the rampant issue of illegal parking in public areas, the Faridabad traffic police cracked down on violators, issuing a staggering 409 challans on Monday.

According to a spokesperson from the Police Department, the crackdown primarily targeted vehicles unlawfully parked near key landmarks such as the Sun Flag Chowk, Lala Lajpat Rai Chowk, and hospitals situated in Sectors 15-A and 16. These areas have long been notorious for congestion caused by unauthorized parking.

The official highlighted that the indiscriminate parking of vehicles along roads was obstructing the smooth flow of traffic on major thoroughfares. As a result, both private and commercial vehicles were penalized to deter such behaviour.

Of the total challans issued, 94 were through e-challan and postal means, while 315 were handed out on the spot by police officials. This decisive action underscores the authorities’ commitment to ensuring road safety and efficient traffic management in Faridabad.

In light of the crackdown, the traffic police have urged commuters to adhere to parking regulations and cooperate with law enforcement efforts. Such measures are essential for maintaining order on the city’s roads and ensuring the safety of all road users.