Man Surprises Internet by Tattooing Girlfriend’s Name Inside His Lower Lip

A video posted on Instagram by tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal in December last year has sparked a viral sensation on the internet.

In a display of affection that has left the internet astonished, a man has garnered attention by tattooing his girlfriend’s name on the inside of his lower lip.

The video, shared by tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal, showcases the process of etching the name ‘Amruta’ onto the man’s lower lip. The clip captures the tattoo artist meticulously crafting the design before unveiling the final result to viewers, accompanied by the caption “Love.”

The video has elicited a range of reactions from internet users, many of whom found the gesture extreme and humorous. With 9 million views and counting, the comments section has been flooded with witty remarks and lighthearted banter.

One user quipped, “Even if he breaks up! His wife can’t find this. Clever move.”

Another joked, “Don’t waste money, firstly clean your teeth.”

Adding to the humor, a third user playfully suggested, “Just one of the anniversary gift ideas I am recommending as a friend.”

This isn’t the first time such extravagant displays of love have made headlines. Previously, in the UK, influencer Ana Stanskovsky made waves by getting her partner’s name ‘Kevin’ tattooed on her forehead. Despite initial disbelief and some skepticism, she proudly shared the tattoo on Instagram, expressing excitement about her bold declaration of love.