Passenger Arrested for Smoking Beedi on Indigo Flight

MUMBAI: A passenger bound for Saudi Arabia was apprehended by Indigo Airlines security staff at Mumbai airport. The individual, identified as Mohammed Ammruddin (42) from Delhi, was arrested for smoking a beedi (cigarette) in the lavatory of an Indigo flight.

The incident occurred during a Delhi-Mumbai flight while the aircraft was enroute from Delhi to Mumbai.

“The suspect, who was scheduled to fly from Mumbai to Dubai for a job, was apprehended by vigilant security personnel during an onboard check after the flight landed at Mumbai’s international airport at around 4.30 pm,” stated a police officer from the Sahar police station.

The alert security officer detected smoke in the lavatory after the suspect had left the area. Upon arrival in Mumbai, the suspect was detained by the cabin crew. The individual claimed to have successfully passed through security checks at Delhi airport by concealing the beedi and lighter in his pants pocket.

The Sahar police have charged him under the Indian Penal Code section for endangering lives and the Aircraft Act. The suspect, who was scheduled to fly from Mumbai to Saudi Arabia for a job, was barred from boarding the flight.