PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates World’s First Vedic Clock: What Makes It Special?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world’s first Vedic clock at the Jantar Mantar observatory in Ujjain, a city known as the center for astronomical calculations, on Thursday. The Vedic clock holds significance not only for astrologers but also for the religious city of Ujjain, attracting visitors from far and wide.

PM Modi inaugurates the clock During the virtual inauguration, PM Modi stated that Ujjain holds significant importance. The installation of the world’s first Vedic clock in the city, known as the abode of Lord Mahakal, will become a center of attraction for devotees. Ram Tiwari, the director of Maharaja Vikramaditya Research Institute, mentioned that the Vedic clock will gradually also provide horoscope predictions.

Pride for Ujjain One of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Ujjain has always been the center for astronomical calculations. The Tropic of Cancer passes through here, and it is considered the birthplace of the planet Mars. It is also from here that the Vikram Samvat calendar originated, which is used worldwide for timekeeping and auspicious occasions. Hence, the world’s first Vedic clock has been installed on an 80-foot tower in the Jivajirao Vedshala.

Clock at an 80-foot height;
The world’s first Vedic clock has been installed on an 80-foot tower in the Jivajirao Vedshala. The specialty of this clock is that it will display a duration of 30 hours between one sunrise to another. Contrary to the Indian Standard Time, which has an hour of 48 minutes, this Vedic clock follows Vedic time and will also display different auspicious moments.

Operational via Mobile App;
Technician Sushil Gupta explained that our old method of timekeeping has been used to create this Vedic clock. This clock with Vedic calculations will display auspicious moments and can also be operated via a mobile app. Using a crane nearly 150 feet tall, the clock was installed on the watchtower. Testing of the clock will be conducted before its official operation.

Special Efforts by Mohan Yadav Dr. Mohan Yadav played a crucial role in installing the world’s first Vedic clock. He initiated efforts while serving as the Minister of Higher Education. This unique clock was made possible by his efforts. PM Modi and CM Yadav are scheduled to inaugurate it on March 1. Subsequently, Municipal Commissioner Ashish Pathak inspected the work of installing the Vedic clock and gathered information from Sushil Gupta, who is in charge of the installation work.