PM Modi Dives into Sea for Underwater Puja off Dwarka Coast

Dwarka, GujaratPrime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a unique spiritual journey as he dived into the azure depths off the Arabian Sea coast at Panchkui beach in Gujarat. Donning scuba gear, he submerged himself into the waters to perform an underwater puja at the site believed to be the ancient city of Dwarka, steeped in historical and spiritual significance.

Dwarka, a city intertwined with the legend of Lord Krishna and known for its opulence and prosperity, continues to mesmerize with its cultural legacy. Modi, paying homage to this sacred site, offered prayers and even laid peacock feathers as a tribute beneath the waves.

In his social media post, Modi expressed the divine experience of connecting with the ancient era of spiritual grandeur and timeless devotion. His immersion into the sea, encountering the remnants of the fabled Dwarka city, evoked profound emotions and fulfilled a long-held dream.

During a public address in Dwarka, Modi shared his awe and reverence for the submerged city, echoing sentiments of fulfillment and spiritual enrichment. Dwarka, a cornerstone of Hindu mythology and history, holds allure not only for devotees but also for historians and archaeologists.

Earlier in the day, Modi commenced his spiritual odyssey with prayers at the revered Dwarkadhish Temple, a significant pilgrimage site steeped in Vaishnavite tradition. He was bestowed with an idol of Lord Krishna, symbolizing blessings and divine grace.

In a monumental inauguration, PM Modi unveiled Sudarshan Setu, India’s longest cable-stayed bridge, connecting the Okha mainland to Beyt Dwarka, an island near the revered Dwarkadhish Temple. The bridge, christened Sudarshan Setu, stands as a testament to India’s infrastructural prowess, spanning 2.32 km with an estimated cost of ₹979 crore.

As the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to Gujarat unfolded, it showcased a blend of spiritual reverence, infrastructure advancement, and public engagement. From the fervor of a roadshow in Jamnagar to the serenity of underwater prayers, Modi’s journey epitomized a convergence of tradition, progress, and devotion.