Twin Sisters Write Letter to PM Modi for Parents’ Transfer, Goes Viral on Social Media

Children yearn for the presence of their parents, which is why twin sisters Archita and Archana have penned a heartfelt letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pleading for the transfer of their parents stationed in Jaipur.

Dausa (Rajasthan): Twin sisters residing in Dausa district of Rajasthan, Archita and Archana, have written a poignant letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In their letter addressed to the PM, the sisters have also included a sketch to express their anguish. They assert that both their parents are employed in government jobs, but due to their postings in different cities, they are unable to be together, greatly missing their parents.

Archita and Archana’s father is an Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO) while their mother is a teacher. In order to provide their daughters with a good education, the parents had purchased a flat in Jaipur a few years ago. However, due to the transfer, the family members are now living apart, making it difficult for them to meet. Archita and Archana are currently staying with their aunt in Bandikui and pursuing their studies. Both are seventh-grade students.

Their father works in Chouhatan, while their mother’s job is in Samdadhi, with both locations being 130 kilometers apart. Consequently, it’s challenging for Archita and Archana to reunite with their parents. At such a tender age when children seek the company of their parents, being separated becomes an ordeal. Thus, the sisters have appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the transfer of their parents to Jaipur, so they can live together and continue their education there.

The letter penned by Archita and Archana reads: “Our names are Archita and Archana, and we are 12 years old. We both study in class 7 at Delhi Public School, Bandikui. We reside with our maternal uncle and aunt. Our father’s name is Devpal Meena, and our mother’s name is Shrimati Hemlata Kumari Meena. Our father works as an Assistant Accounts Officer in the Panchayat Samiti, Chouhatan, and our mother is a teacher at Government Higher Secondary School, Devda Block, Samdadhi (Balotra). We miss our parents very much, and it’s hard for us to study without them. We want our parents to be transferred to Jagatpura, Jaipur, so we can live with them and continue our education there. We have been inspired by your campaigns like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana,’ and we also want to shine our parents’ name. Please arrange for the transfer of our parents to Jagatpura, Jaipur. We will be very grateful to you.”
Along with the letter, the sisters have also shared a family photo showing how the entire family is living apart from each other. Archita and Archana’s letter is now gaining traction on social media.