Astrologer Predicts Modi’s Third Term as Prime Minister in 2024

Renowned astrologer Pandit HR Shastri forecasts a decisive victory for Narendra Modi and a historic third term as India’s Prime Minister.

Pandit HR Shastri, a renowned astrologer, has made a bold prediction regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections: Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India for the third time. According to Shastri, Modi will take the oath of office on June 14, 2024, during the auspicious Jyeshtha Shukla Ashtami, under the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra in the second phase of Scorpio Lagna.

Renowned astrologer Pandit HR Shastri forecasts a decisive victory for Narendra Modi and a historic third term as India’s Prime Minister.

Shastri noted that the election results, which will be declared on June 4, 2024, fall under the Bharani Nakshatra with the Moon in Aries. Modi’s birth sign, Scorpio, will be positively influenced by the astrological positions, particularly with the Moon being in the sixth house from Scorpio. This alignment is said to bring significant benefits.

Shastri predicts that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies will secure a landslide victory, winning between 405 and 415 Lok Sabha seats, thereby establishing a “Ram Rajya” or ideal governance. The swearing-in ceremony on June 14 will be marked by favorable astrological influences, with the Sun, Jupiter, and Moon playing crucial roles. Shastri emphasized that the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter forms a powerful Rajyog, indicative of great leadership and success.

The astrological reading suggests that with the Sun’s seventh full aspect on the Ascendant, Modi will emerge as an influential, progressive leader dedicated to sacrifice. Jupiter’s fifth full aspect on Bhagyesh creates a Gajakesari Yoga, suggesting Modi will adhere to religious principles and be guided by esteemed gurus and saints. This alignment is expected to foster the establishment of Sanatan Dharma in India.

  • Astrological Prediction: Pandit HR Shastri predicts Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister for the third time, with a swearing-in on June 14, 2024, under favorable astrological conditions.
  • Election Results: The BJP and allies are forecasted to win a landslide victory, securing 405 to 415 Lok Sabha seats, symbolizing the establishment of a “Ram Rajya.”
  • Future Developments: Predictions include significant religious and legal reforms, with the construction of new temples in Kashi and Mathura, and the implementation of new laws to expedite justice and eliminate corruption.


From June 14, 2024, to July 14, 2025, the favorable conjunction of the Guru Moon and Sun will create strong yogas, further enhancing India’s spiritual and cultural identity. Additionally, Jupiter’s seventh aspect on the Ascendant will bolster Modi’s confidence in justice and decision-making. With Mars influencing the eighth house, Modi is expected to decisively counter his adversaries, ruling with a firm hand.

Shastri also predicted significant developments over the next five years, including the construction of a Shiva temple in Kashi, replacing the Gyanvapi mosque, and the establishment of a Krishna temple in Mathura. Saturn’s position in Aquarius in the happiness house is expected to bring benefits to the poor and laborers through Modi’s schemes. Moreover, Saturn’s seventh aspect on the tenth house suggests the repeal of outdated British-era laws and the implementation of new ones aimed at expediting justice and eradicating corruption.

Shastri highlighted that these predictions align with his previous accurate forecast from February 10, 2013, published in The Impressive Times, where he correctly predicted Modi’s first term as Prime Minister. Shastri’s astrological insights point towards a transformative period for India under Modi’s continued leadership, characterized by significant socio-political and religious reforms.