Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and Cabinet Colleagues Receive Bomb Threat Mail

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, along with Deputy CM DK Shivakumar, the Home Minister, and the Bengaluru Police Commissioner, were recipients of a bomb threat mail from an individual identifying as Shahid Khan. The sender demanded 2.5 million dollars to avert a purported planned explosion in Bengaluru.

The incident prompted the City Crime Branch of the Bengaluru Police to initiate an investigation, registering a case in response to the alarming threat.

The threatening email, received by the Karnataka government at 2:48 pm on Saturday, outlined intentions to target specific officials, including Siddaramaiah and other prominent figures. It also specified potential locations for the explosion, such as restaurants, temples, buses, and trains.

The sender, using the email address Shahidkhan10786@protonmail.com, conveyed intentions to carry out the explosion unless the demanded sum was provided. The email also ominously hinted at future explosions, with specific mention of targeting an Ambari Utsav bus.

Authorities are taking the threat seriously, recognizing the potential danger posed to public safety. Measures are being undertaken to address the situation and ensure the safety of all citizens.