Lok Sabha Elections LIVE Updates: PM Modi Condemns Sam Pitroda’s Remarks; Priyanka Gandhi Gears Up for Rae Bareli Leadership

Congress leader Sam Pitroda had earlier said that people in the South “look like Africans and those in the East look like Chinese; Priyanka Gandhi said Rae Bareli is once again ready for Congress leadership

In the wake of Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s controversial remarks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a stern stance against what he termed as “racist comments.” Addressing a rally in Warangal, PM Modi condemned Pitroda’s statements, asserting that the nation will not tolerate any form of insult based on skin color. He called upon Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to explain in this regard, emphasizing that such disrespect towards fellow citizens is unacceptable.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers prayers at Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy temple, in Karimnagar on May 8, 2024.

As the Lok Sabha elections progress, with phase 3 scheduled for May 7, Prime Minister Modi intensified his campaign efforts with rallies and roadshows in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With nearly half of the election phases completed, the political landscape continues to witness fervent campaigning and voter engagement across the country.

  • PM Modi’s Strong Condemnation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi unequivocally denounced Sam Pitroda‘s remarks, emphasizing that insults based on skin color are intolerable and against the ethos of the nation. Modi called for accountability from Rahul Gandhi, demanding a response to the controversial statements made by Pitroda.
  • Election Campaign Intensifies: With phase 3 of the Lok Sabha elections approaching, Prime Minister Modi intensified his campaign efforts with rallies and roadshows in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The heightened political activity underscores the significance of voter engagement as the electoral process advances.
  • Voter Turnout and Election Dynamics: The recent voting phase witnessed a substantial voter turnout across various constituencies, with significant participation reported in several states. Despite sporadic incidents of violence in West Bengal, the overall voter enthusiasm reflects the electorate’s active engagement in shaping the democratic process.

In the recent phase of voting on May 7, a substantial turnout of nearly 62% was recorded across 93 constituencies spanning 11 states and Union Territories. Despite incidents of violence reported in West Bengal, several regions demonstrated enthusiastic participation in the electoral process. Assam registered the highest turnout at 75.53%, closely followed by Goa at 74.47%, and West Bengal at 73.93%. Conversely, Maharashtra reported the lowest voter turnout at 55.54%, while Bihar and Gujarat saw a modest increase, recording 56.55% and 56.98% respectively, as per data released by the Election Commission.