19 year old innocent girl who was trapped by a fraudster Rescued in Mumbai by Actor Danish Khan

danish-khan-the-real-heroHyderabad Born 11 Time Award Winning Actor Danish Khan had gone to Mumbai recently just to search for a girl who had run away from home.

We people think filmi personalities are absolutely selfish but Danish Khan proved that he doesn’t belong to the League of Selfish Men. Despite his busy schedule he managed to take some time out to find the 19 year old innocent girl who was trapped by a fraudster.

The girl whose name cannot be disclosed was lured by a fake agent on Facebook. The agent promised her a role in a big budget movie and this innocent girl left her parents’ home in Hyderabad secretly and went to Mumbai and got trapped.

When Danish Khan was interviewed regarding this “Humanitarian Achievement”, he got angry and said, “Don’t call this an achievement. It is a duty, an act and this act should be performed by every male person because Macho-ism isn’t restricted to body building. Do good for the society. Help people, support people – morally or financially and the blessings you receive in return are worth a Billion Dollars.”

Speaking further he said, “We are neither Devils nor Animals. Nor are we Gundas, Taporis or Pimps. Girl trafficking and sexual assaults are at peak. If we being humans don’t protect the girls then who’ll protect?”

His question is valid because it is an answer in itself. It is a wake up call to all those who are still sleeping.

When asked about how the problem came to his light, he said, “It was almost midnight. I had come from a hectic shoot. I was extremely tired. The moment i laid down on bed, i received a message on Facebook. It was from girl’s brother. He said, bhai you run an NGO (Holding Hands Foundation), you help many people, please help me find my sister. She ran to Mumbai with the dream of becoming an actress. Right now i’ll send you her photograph and all the relevant details. I love my sister very much. I said, ok but forward me your dad’s contact number first. After speaking to girl’s father, who is a heart patient, i immediately booked 3 air tickets and very next day left for Mumbai with Magazine Editor Javed and HHF Executive Member Nisar Khan.”

After going to Mumbai, he put all his efforts and utilised every single link he had. Though an FIR was lodged but he says, “the careless police took no action.”

CARELESS Police – Yes, he said it right. We wouldn’t disagree on that. This one word explains the truth of our department

Proceeding further he said, “Without the help of police, i managed to catch the girl within 24 hours. Then i did her counseling and safely brought her back home. Her family was so happy that all i could hear was DUA.”

God bless Danish Khan. Must appreciate him for his good work!