“Mohanlal’s ‘Drishyam’ Franchise Ventures into Hollywood with Upcoming Remake”

Following its success in various Indian languages with Kamal Haasan, Venkatesh, and Ajay Devgn leading the casts, “Drishyam” is now poised for an English remake.

Having seen numerous adaptations across Indian languages and even a Chinese version, Jeetu Joseph’s “Drishyam” is set to make its mark in Hollywood. The 2013 Malayalam original, featuring Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan, and Esther Anil, is primed for an English-language remake.

The Remake: “The iconic #Drishyam franchise is gearing up for global domination following its immense popularity in India and China. Producers Kumar Mangat Pathak and Abhishek Pathak announced the Korean remake of this thrilling franchise at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. Now, they unveil the next milestone for the franchise,” wrote trade analyst Ramesh Bala on X, adding, “Panorama Studios, along with Gulfstream Pictures and JOAT Films, are collaborating to bring ‘Drishyam’ to Hollywood, marking a historic moment for Indian cinema! (sic).”

Sreedhar Pillai also shared on X that the international remake rights have been secured from the original producers, stating, “Panorama Studios has acquired the international remake rights to ‘Drishyam 1 & 2′ from the original producers, Aashirvad Cinemas.”

The Drishyam Franchise: Since its debut in 2013, the Malayalam blockbuster has inspired filmmakers across borders, leading to multiple remakes. In 2014, it was adapted in Kannada as “Drishya” and in Telugu as “Drushyam” with Ravichandran and Venkatesh in the lead roles, respectively. In 2015, Tamil audiences witnessed “Papanasam,” while Hindi viewers embraced “Drishyam” starring Kamal Haasan and Ajay Devgn, respectively.

Further adaptations followed suit, with a Sinhala version titled “Dharmayuddhaya” in 2017, featuring Jackson Anthony, and a Mandarin Chinese rendition titled “Sheep Without a Shepherd” in 2019, starring Xiao Yang. Various directors helmed the different language versions, with Jeetu Joseph directing only the Tamil iteration. Indonesian and Korean remakes are currently in development.

The Sequel:
In a rare feat, “Drishyam 2,” released in 2021, was hailed as a fitting continuation of the original narrative. Picking up from where its predecessor left off, the sequel delves deeper into the trials faced by Georgekutty, portrayed by Mohanlal, and his family in the aftermath of a crime. Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi remakes of the sequel are also in progress.

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Rampur Court Declares Jaya Prada 'Absconder', Orders Arrest Before March 6

Rampur Court Declares Jaya Prada ‘Absconder’, Orders Arrest Before March 6

Former MP and acclaimed actor, Jaya Prada, has been declared an ‘absconder’ by a Rampur court in Uttar Pradesh, following charges of violating election codes during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The court has instructed the police to arrest her and present her before it by March 6.

Jaya Prada, a prominent figure in both the film industry and politics, faced accusations of election code violations related to her candidacy as a BJP representative from Rampur in 2019. Despite being summoned multiple times by the special MP-MLA court, she failed to appear. Additionally, seven non-bailable warrants issued against her yielded no results, leading to the court’s declaration of her as an absconder.

The charges stem from alleged breaches of the Model Code of Conduct during the 2019 elections, with cases registered against her at Kemari and Swar police stations. Jaya Prada, who had previously served as an MP from Rampur under the Samajwadi Party banner, faced defeat in the 2019 elections against Azam Khan.

Efforts to locate and arrest Jaya Prada have been unsuccessful, with her known mobile numbers switched off. Consequently, Judge Shobhit Bansal issued the directive for her arrest and appearance in court.

The Rampur Superintendent of Police has been tasked with assembling a team to apprehend her before the scheduled hearing on March 6.

Despite her legal troubles, Jaya Prada remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry, having appeared in numerous films across various languages. Her entry into politics, initially with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and later the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), reflects her multifaceted career trajectory.


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Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 1: Yami Gautam’s Film Earns ₹5.75 Crore, Outperforms Vidyut Jamwal’s Crakk

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 1: Yami Gautam’s Film Earns ₹5.75 Crore, Outperforms Vidyut Jamwal’s Crakk

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 1: Yami Gautam’s movie ‘Article 370’ faces off against Vidyut Jamwal’s ‘Crakk’, surpassing it in earnings.

On its opening day, Yami Gautam‘s latest Bollywood venture, “Article 370”, went head-to-head with Vidyut Jamwal’s action-packed film “Crakk”. Article 370 managed to secure a commendable ₹5.75 crore at the box office, surpassing its competitor.

Directed by Aditya Jambhale and produced by Jyoti Deshpande, Lokesh Dhar, and Aditya Dhar, the movie has gained attention for its portrayal of the events surrounding the revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. The film received praise from Shehla Rasheed, among others, for its portrayal of the sensitive subject matter.

Addressing concerns about the film being labeled as propaganda, Yami Gautam emphasized the importance of approaching the movie with an open mind. Despite preconceived notions, Gautam believes audiences can appreciate the film’s narrative and performances.

In the box office showdown, Article 370 emerged victorious, earning ₹5.75 crore on its debut day, while Crakk managed to secure ₹4 crore. As the battle between the two films unfolds, Article 370 continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and strong performances.

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The Motion Picture & Television Producers Association group photo

The Motion Picture and Television Producers Association Announces Key Decisions at Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of The Motion Picture and Television Producers Association convened under the chairmanship of Captain Dinesh Bhatnagar at the prestigious Aravali Golf Club, NIT, Faridabad. The gathering witnessed the culmination of significant deliberations, reflecting the association’s commitment to navigating the evolving landscape of Indian cinema.

President of MPTPA, Satish Sharma, shed light on the challenges encountered due to the pandemic-induced hiatus but emphasized the renewed resolve to support stakeholders within the Indian cinema fraternity. He reiterated the association’s core mission of facilitating direct or indirect engagement of cinema producers with the mainstream, thereby fostering the seamless development of Indian cinema.

Chandan Mehta appointed as gen secretory of MPTPA

A poignant tribute was paid to the late Shri Rajesh Dua, the esteemed first General Secretary of the association. Recognized for his contributions to both television and theater, Mr. Dua’s legacy as an actor and director continues to resonate within the industry.

In a unanimous decision, Shri Chandan Mehta, a versatile actor, director, and producer, assumed the mantle of General Secretary. Mr. Mehta’s rich experience, coupled with his leadership at esteemed film festivals, promises to invigorate the association’s endeavors. Additionally, Shri Nafe Singh, a seasoned film producer with a background in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, was appointed Vice President.Tribute to rajesh dua

Captain Dinesh Bhatnagar, esteemed for his tenure as the City Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, assumed the role of media in-charge, bringing a wealth of experience to the association’s communications strategy.

The meeting also heralded the commencement of member registration activities, opening avenues for film producers nationwide to engage with the association’s initiatives. Notable attendees included Mr. Naresh Gupta, serving as Cashier and Owner of Triumph Auto Faridabad, Mr. Rakesh Roshan Roy, a prominent journalist, and distinguished members.Nafa singh appointed as gen secretory
The Motion Picture and Television Producers Association reaffirms its commitment to championing the interests of Indian cinema and looks forward to a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and growth.

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