Maneesh Kumar Singh with Samrat Choudhary

Social worker Maneesh Kr Singh congratulated Samrat Choudhary on becoming BJP Bihar State President

Maneesh Kumar Singh is a renowned Indian global entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist. He is the Founder and Director of GRP Communications (GLOBAL Rewards Program), a company that has gained significant recognition in the global business landscape.

Singh was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, India, and completed his primary education in the city of Varanasi and Higher Education in DELHI NCR. He began his career in Consulting, sales, and marketing and gained extensive experience in the field, working with various organizations in India and overseas.

In 2007, Singh founded COUNTRYWIDE Consultants and further GRP Communications in 2019, a reward based FINTECH company with more than 20+ Market Place Based Business Models to make life easier for all. Company offers a wide range of services such as Digital Payments, ONLINE and Offline Shopping Experiences, Travel, Health and wellness, Social Media , Public relations, Education, digital marketing and many more. The company quickly gained popularity due to its innovative approach and effective solutions, and it has since worked with numerous clients across various industries, including healthcare, technology, hospitality, and real estate.

Maneesh Kumar Singh with Samrat Choudhary

Singh founded the GLOBAL Rewards Programs, an initiative aimed at promoting better business engagement and recognition of businesses with there customers. The program offers a unique platform for companies to reward and recognize their customers, leading to increased customers satisfaction, retention, and business growth.
Apart from his business ventures, Singh is also actively involved in various philanthropic activities. He is a supporter of several social causes such as education, healthcare, and women empowerment, and has initiated various programs to support these causes.
Singh’s achievements have been recognized by several organizations and he has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the business and social sectors.
Overall, Maneesh Kumar Singh’s journey as an entrepreneur and business leader has been characterized by innovation, creativity, and a commitment to social causes. His contributions to the business and social sectors have been widely recognized, and he continues to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs in India and around the world.

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yoga poster sarvangasana

बालों के सफेद होने की समस्या से हैं परेशान तो अपनाएं ये खास आसन

हमारी सुंदरता में हमारे बालों का भी अहम रोल होता है। खासकर महिलाओं को उनके बाल बहुत प्यारे होते हैं। जिदंगी की भागदौड़ और खराब लाइफस्टाइल के चलते हमारे स्वास्थ्य, त्वचा और बालों पर बुरा असर पड़ता है। इसी वजह से आज के समय में अधिकतर लोग बालों की समस्या से जूझ रहे हैं। इस समस्या में एक आम समस्या है बालों का सफेद होना। बढ़ती उम्र के अलावा खानपान, अनुवांशिक रोग या पाबाल पकने के कई कारण हो सकते हैं। आज हम आपको बता रहे हैं एक ऐसे आसन के बारे में, जो इस समस्या में कारगर उपाय है:

सर्वांगासन न केवल हमारे स्वास्थ्य के लिए लाभदायक है बल्कि बाल से संबंधित समस्याओं को भी दूर करता है। अगर आपके भी बाल सफेद हो गए हैं तो इसके लिए आपको सर्वांगासन करना चाहिए। बालों की सफेदी दूर करने के लिए सर्वागासन एक अच्छा विकल्प है। सर्वांगासन के नियमित अभ्यास से आपके सफेद बाल जल्द ही काले होने लगेंगे। इस आसन से थायरॉइड ग्लैंड भी नियंत्रित होता है और शरीर के पाचन से लेकर रीढ़ की हड्डी तक की क्रियाएं सुचारू होती हैं।

  1. जमीन पर पीठ के बल सीधे लेट जाएं। 
  2. इसके बाद अपने दोनों पैरों को आपस में जोड़कर धीरे-धीरे ऊपर की ओर उठाएं। 
  3. अब कोहनियों को जमीन पर टिकाकर दोनों हाथों से कमर को पकड़ते हुए सहारा दें। 
  4. ध्यान रहें कि  कमर के ऊपर वाला पैरों का भाग सीधा होना चाहिए। 
  5. इसके बाद सिर को जमीन पर ही टिका कर रखें। 
  6. इस अवस्था में आप करीब एक मिनट तक रहें। 
  7. धीरे-धीरे अभ्यास करते हुए, इस आसन की समयावधि बढ़ा सकते हैं

बालों के असमय सफेद हो जाने की वजह से हम परेशान हो जाते हैं और इससे बचाव या इसके उपाय के लिए आप तरह-तरह के घरेलू-नुस्खे अपनाएं होंगे लेकिन अपेक्षाकृत परिणाम नहीं आने के कारण आप असंतुष्ट होंगे। ऐसे में योग का दामन थामें और इस आसन को आजमाकर देखें।



बालों के सफेद होने की समस्या से हैं परेशान तो अपनाएं ये खास आसन Read More

Rahul Dev inaugurates Gym at Faridabad

DSC_1296“If you love yourself, take at least 40 minutes of your routine for your mind and body”, said Rahul Dev,  the actor not only known for his performance in films of different languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannad and Punjabi but also as a model. Rahul was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of an exclusive gymnasium chain “BREATHE”.  Inaugurated at Hotel Park Plaza in Faridabad, luxury
five star hotel located in Sector 21 joined hands with celebrity gym chain BREATHE on Tuesday.

The brand BREATHE was launched by fitness enthusiasts Rahul Dev and within no time the brand has become synonymous to gyming trend in India. This is the first time ever that “Breathe” has stepped into a five star property. Breathe stands apart from the array of gyms in the country as it’s not only a place where one loses weight and builds muscles but also learns to adopt an effortless healthy lifestyle. A fit lifestyle that is as easy to maintain as to breathe.  Faridabad is the fourth gym of the brand in National Capital Region. Rahul, while interacting with PTI, said that two
more are planned in NCR in the coming times. He said that the youth need to train their body and the mind for being a healthy one. For this, he added, you may adopt any form of exercise ranging from Yoga, athletics, gyming or even running. But whatever you adopt, you should follow religiously, said the Bollywood actor who is at 46 and still working hard to be in fit shape. He said that he asks his 17 year old son too to follow the rule of “being fit”. A fit body and mind can feel the vibrations of the nature providing energy and happiness. He also insisted on getting a full sleep for a fit body.
Inaugurating the Fitness Centre today at Hotel Park Plaza, Faridabad Bollywood actor Rahul Dev said “I want to introduce to each person my philosophy of training built over three decades of experimenting with my body. I personally believe a lot in functional training wherein the body performs exercises in a more natural manner closest to our body mechanism designed by the creator since birth. These exercises are more with our own body weight and help us gain a lot in terms of fitness increasing longitivtiy in terms of youth and vigor. With this practice you experience energy levels which make you feel strong at all times. The sculpting and shape of the body becomes a byproduct to fitness.  You become strong on all three levels – mental, physical and aesthetic”. On this association Puneet Saigal, General Manager, Hotel Park Plaza Faridabad said “Exercise is one of the best ways that helps an individual to be in shape and keeps them fit and healthy throughout the day. With this association we would like to
offer our customers a unique experience of a healthy lifestyle at a luxury of a five star environment. The rationale behind launching this unique state of the art Gyms is to encourage the people to visit and stay fit. We are privileged to associate with one of the leading Gym which offers all latest equipments and trained health experts and fitness gurus”.

By Sanjay Chaturvedi

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