“Gold Smugglers Employ Ingenious Method, Tamper with Aircraft Wiring to Conceal 4.5kg Gold Bars”

In a daring and inventive move, gold smugglers manipulated the wiring of an Indigo aircraft, using the lavatory roof to conceal 4.5kg of gold secured with a padlock and a code lock. The authorities discovered rectangular gold bars, wrapped in black adhesive tape, hidden inside the lavatory’s electrical box. There are suspicions that the smugglers had insider knowledge, and the gold may have been intended for transport to Hyderabad.

CHENNAI: Gold smuggling reached unprecedented levels of sophistication as adept individuals interfered with the wiring of an Indigo aircraft, gaining access through the toilet roof and concealing 4.5kg of gold by attaching it to wires, then securing it with a three-digit code lock. The rectangular gold bars, each featuring a central hole, were fastened to a padlock, with a wire threaded through them.

The loose end of the wire was affixed with a number-coded lock, indicating that only someone with insider access to the code could retrieve the contraband upon arrival at Chennai airport.

“The ease with which the smuggler(s) accessed the aircraft component suggests a deep understanding of aircraft mechanics and the ability to conceal items using specialized tools,” remarked a seasoned pilot, speaking anonymously. When queried about potential threats to passenger safety, the pilot emphasized that lavatories are designed to prevent access to critical elements, minimizing the risk of sabotage. “The lavatory typically contains basic electrical wiring for lighting, ventilation, and smoke detection,” explained the pilot, noting that accessing such components would require specialized equipment.

The smuggling attempt came to light when maintenance workers discovered tampering in the aircraft’s electrical box during routine sanitization. The Indigo flight, arriving from Abu Dhabi on Thursday night, was moments away from departing to Hyderabad on a domestic route. Upon alerting safety officers, the electrical box was inspected, revealing a cable connected to other wires and securing a heavy package with a padlock at one end. Authorities were forced to sever the cable and break open the padlock to access three rectangular gold bars, meticulously wrapped in black adhesive tape.

Authorities have acknowledged the gravity of the situation, launching an investigation into this novel smuggling method. “Smugglers employ extreme tactics to evade detection by law enforcement, and the individual responsible for transporting the gold likely underwent thorough training to conceal the contraband mid-flight,” stated a customs official. Suspicions have arisen that ground staff at Chennai airport may have been complicit in facilitating the extraction and delivery of the gold, or that the consignment was intended for transport to Hyderabad.

“Gold Smugglers Employ Ingenious Method, Tamper with Aircraft Wiring to Conceal 4.5kg Gold Bars” Read More