Debut on OTT with the role of “Jholachhap” Doctor – Mushtaq Khan

Debut on OTT with the role of “Jholachhap” Doctor – Mushtaq Khan

On Tuesday, the star cast of the web series ‘Jholachhap‘ reached Noida Media Club located in Sector 29, Noida. In which the film’s famous comedians Mushtaq Khan, Chittaranjan Tripathi, and Mehak Manwani along with the director of the series Jyoti Prakash also reached. Describing the series, the director said that the film is based on a true incident. This series of humor and satire is inspired by a true incident in Orissa, based on how quacks and quacks doctors in the country take advantage of the lack of awareness in villages and small towns. He said that even today in villages and small towns, people do not trust government health centers but have hope only in quacks. Due to this many types of incidents keep happening in society every day.

Famous actor Mushtaq Khan told that this is his debut on OTT. Mushtaq Khan, who has played various roles in Bollywood, said that after hearing the story from the director, he saw a social outlook in it. Due to this, he made up his mind to do this film. Khan told me that he has played the role of a quack in the series. The experiences he had while playing this character really make him think.

The film’s actress Mehak Manwani told that she is playing the role of MBBS doctor in the village community health center in the series. The distrust that the people of the village have for the government hospital and the trust in the quack doctor. An attempt has been made to send a message about him with an accident and satire. At the same time, actor of the series Chittaranjan Tripathi said that he also played the role of a quackery doctor in the series, which was very challenging. It was really a big challenge to do quacks and fake doctors with the people of the village. During the press conference, director Jyoti Prakash told that the series has been released on the OTT platform Voot. The series consists of 7 episodes in total. This drama comedy is also being liked a lot.

The film stars Prabhakar Sharma, Lovekush Kundu, Jai Deep Kadian, Shalini Mishra, Madanlal Azad, Jaspal Kaur and Chandan Mehta in various roles. The series aims to entertain as well as highlight the health crisis in rural India.

Written By: Sanjay Chaturvedi

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