Football week organised at G.D. Goenka Faridabad

IMG_6314“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. We all are well aware of this saying which clearly implies the vitality of games and sports in students’ lives. Games sustain physical and emotional wellbeing of an individual, providing him opportunities for positive social interaction, learning, health and independence. Games are the way children and young people explore the world around them and develop practical skills, allowing them to learn
through curiosity, invention and persistence. Outdoor games are the athletic or sporting games that involve physical activity and are generally played outside in the open.

G.D.Goenka School always aims at harmonizing studies and fun for the students with the purpose of their enjoyment, learning and overall development.
Keeping this in mind, interclass and inter house football competition was organized for classes III to V and VI to VIII respectively from 11 to 16 December, 2015 in the school. Students participated enthusiastically in the competition with a healthy spirit of winning the competition. First of all the inter house match was conducted .The duration of the match was 30-5-30. There was a neck to neck competition among all the houses.  All FIFA rules were followed in the match and the students displayed a perfect example of sportsmanship, enthusiasm and zeal. The spectators were highly excited to see the mind blowing performances of the participants on the ground. VIVEKANANDA HOUSE bagged first position with 20 points, RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE secured second position with 15 points, TERESA
HOUSE got the third prize with 10 points and TAGORE HOUSE attained fourth position with 5 points.
After the inter house match, the interclass match started .The primary students were no less than the senior ones in demonstrating their passion and gusto in the competition. The attacker, the ball carriers and the other players played extremely well in displaying all the skills of the game on the ground. Class V attained the first position with 20 points , class IV got second position with 15 points and third prize was achieved by class III with 10 points.
This competition provided the students a wonderful prospect to exhibit their aptitude and such competitions will be held in the school time to time to let the children develop and polish themselves .

News Coverage by: Sanjay Chaturvedi

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