Noida College Student Murdered by Friends After Party Altercation, Body Concealed

Yash Mittal, a student at a Noida-based university and the son of a businessman, had been reported missing from his hostel since Monday.

New Delhi: The investigation into a missing college student has uncovered a harrowing crime, with Noida police disclosing that four individuals killed a friend following a party dispute and buried his body in a field.

Yash Mittal, the son of a businessman and a student at a Noida-based university, had been unaccounted for since Monday. His father, Deepak Mittal, alerted the authorities after receiving ransom demands of ₹6 crore for his son’s release.

Upon reviewing CCTV footage from the campus, police observed Yash leaving the university premises on Monday while engaged in a phone conversation. The call records led them to his friend Rachit. Upon interrogation, Rachit revealed that Yash often socialized with him, along with Shivam, Sushant, and Shubham.

“On February 26, they lured Yash to a field in Gajraula, located approximately 100 km away in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha, under the guise of a party. He joined them shortly after. During the gathering, a dispute escalated into violence, resulting in Yash’s tragic demise. His body was then buried in the field. We located the body after Rachit identified the burial site,” stated senior police officer Saad Miya Khan.

Police apprehended the other suspects in Dadri. Despite attempting to flee, the suspects were apprehended by police following an encounter. “We have detained three suspects following a thorough search of the area. One suspect, Shubham, remains at large. However, we are actively pursuing him and anticipate his swift capture,” added the officer.

The suspects confessed to sending ransom messages to Yash’s family as a diversionary tactic, police revealed. Multiple investigative teams were deployed to pursue leads in the case, the officer confirmed.

Heart-wrenching visuals captured the devastation of Yash’s parents as his body was recovered from the field. Yash, police disclosed, was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Noida university before his tragic demise.