G.D.Goenka school celebrates JANMASHTMI & TEACHERS DAY

IMG_5630G.D.Goenka School, Faridabad is known for its adherence with the Indian culture. The school makes their best efforts to inculcate among students the appreciation and respect for India’s rich heritage and diversity. Attempts are made to keep the students closely associated with the Indian traditions to reinforce the spiritual values in them. Continuing the same effort, a special assembly was held at G.D Goenka Public school, Faridabad to mark the birth of Lord Krishna the ‘Makhan Chor and as a mark of tribute for the contribution made by the teachers towards the society. The assembly began with a speech delivered by Naman Garg of class VIII depicting the life  of Lord Krishna followed by a speech on the significance of Teacher’s day by Tanishq Mehra of class XI. The school’s western instrumental orchestra comprising of students from VI-X left everyone spell bound with their captivating performance .The Indian Orchestra consisting of students from III-V was not left behind and enchanted all with the comforting music. The day had an emotional and recreational touch.
The students did all the preparations with complete energy and excitement. The students of class II, III- V captivated the audience by their ‘Radha Dance’ performance; everyone was enthralled by the divine leela of Lord Krishna presented by the students. The students were beautifully dressed in Lord Krishna’s and Radha’s attire. The dancers won the heart of the audience by enacting various roles of Sri Krishna. The dance was followed by a Krishna Janam (Hindi Song) and Govind Bolo –Gopal Bolo a fusion song by students of classes IV – XII and III – V respectively. These soul reaching songs immersed all with the spirit of the day. A flute dance followed the songs which mesmerized everyone and made us remember the melodious music once played by the almighty himself.
Apart from Janmashtami festival, the school also celebrated the teachers’ day. A floral tribute was paid to the former President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. The students engaged in themselves in unbridled capacity to shower their love, adoration and respect to their teachers. The whole school was absorbed in an atmosphere of gaiety.
Addressing the school, Director Principal Dr. Shreesh Bhardwaj told the students to live a life of great dignity and human values so as to become successful and contented .Besides moving on the path of performing their duties honestly and without thinking about the result, as taught by Lord Krishna through Geeta. He further recognized the great role of a teacher in building up the characters of students and shape them to become an ideal citizen of India.

Coverage by : Sanjay Chaturvedi