Bengaluru Water Crisis: Residents Urged to Use Disposable Cutlery and Wet Wipes Amid Supply Disruption

Amidst the ongoing water crisis in Bengaluru, Prestige Falcon City Apartments and other residential welfare associations (RWAs) have taken measures to conserve water and mitigate the effects of disrupted supply. Following a crackdown on water tankers by regulatory authorities, Prestige Falcon City Apartments has advised its residents to consider using disposable cutlery and wet wipes to minimize water wastage.

Vasanth Kumar, president of the Prestige Falcon City RWA, emphasized the importance of reducing water usage amid the scarcity. “We’re exploring alternatives to cope with the limited water supply. By suggesting the use of disposable items, we aim to conserve water and navigate through this challenging situation,” he stated.

In addition to urging residents to use disposable items, RWAs across the city have implemented measures such as rationing water, banning vehicle washing, and monitoring water usage. A gated community in Whitefield has deployed security personnel to ensure compliance with water conservation guidelines. Residents failing to reduce water consumption may face additional charges, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Despite efforts to address the crisis, the water scarcity remains a pressing concern for residents. MP DK Suresh has provided assurance that steps will be taken to resolve the issue promptly. However, until a sustainable solution is achieved, residents are urged to cooperate with conservation efforts to alleviate the strain on water resources.