“Indeed a Blessed Birthday”

11271745_10152823191112644_1217082975_oActor Danish Khan who left for Saudi Arabia last week for the Islamic Holy Umrah Pilgrimage is reported to have had performed Umrah and will be leaving for Madinah Munawwara on 16th May. Interestingly and luckily, May 16th is the Birthday of Khan. AND that’s not all, it’s another auspicious day of the Muslims on the same day, Shab E Meraj. Shab E Meraj which means the night of the ascent is a blessed night when the Holy Prophet of Islam was spiritually transported to heaven and he reached a high stage of nearness to Almighty which is beyond ordinary human comprehension . “From the past 2 years I couldn’t celebrate my Birthday due to some personal and professional issues.All I did was receiving numerous phone calls and replying hundreds of text messages to my fans and well wishers across the country and this year I decided that no matter how much busy I’m , I will have a grand Birthday Celebration Party this year in Mumbai with cousin Ajaz Khan and family and everything was planned.. All I prayed to Allah was that make my Birthday this year a very memorable one and look what Allah had planned for me.It’s the best Birthday one could ever think of..The joy and excitement cannot be compared with any luxury of the world. I’m speechless and thankful to Almighty Allah for this.I shall pray for all my friends,well wishers, family and the entire humanity”, Says Danish Khan. Let us all wish Danish Khan a very Happy and a delightful Birthday.