Viral Video: Indian Railways Goods Train Runs 80km Without Driver, Oversight on Hand Brake

A startling incident unfolded as a goods train, unmanned and laden with 53 wagons, traversed 80km from Jammu’s Kathua to Punjab’s Hoshiarpur, echoing scenes reminiscent of the Hollywood thriller “Unstoppable.”

In a scenario akin to the movie’s plot, the train, accelerating to 90kmph, embarked on its journey without a driver, attributed to an alleged halt for a tea break by the drivers, inadvertently leaving the engine running. Unlike the protagonists in the film who raced against time to prevent disaster, the train’s momentum was eventually subdued by a steep gradient in Punjab, averting catastrophe.

Following the incident, six railway officials, including the drivers, were suspended. However, videos capturing the train’s eerie odyssey over an hour-and-a-half had already gone viral, with some accounts suggesting the absence of the guard’s cabin.

According to railway sources, the train’s downward journey was propelled by a diesel locomotive, necessitating intervention to activate emergency brakes when it decelerated at Unchi Bassi in Punjab.

Ferozepur divisional railway manager Sanjay Sahu commended the swift response of railway authorities, who alerted all stations along the route, halted down trains, and secured crossings to facilitate the train’s passage. Tragedy was averted, and an inquiry was ordered, resulting in the suspension of the officials involved.

This incident underscores the importance of adhering to safety measures such as the placement of wooden wedges under train wheels during stops to prevent unintended movement. Instances from the past, including derailments due to the absence of wedges, serve as stark reminders of the significance of stringent safety protocols in railway operations.